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Trezór Wàllet: A safe crypto storage space with top-notch security features

Anyone would like to invest in cryptocurrencies until and unless he knows the security risks attached to them. However, a knowledgeable person would never let his money go in vain. Therefore, if you are also concerned about safeguarding your cryptos from the reach of hackers, you should consider using safe storage space for storing your tokens. And when it comes to choosing safe storage for your cryptos, you need to understand that it should come with top-notch security features.

And, today, through this informative post, we are going to introduce you to one of the safest as well as easy-to-use wallet services i.e. Trezór Wàllet. With a Trezór Wàllet by your side, you can select a wide range of cryptos to store in it as it supports around 1,000+ coins.

Although it may seem to be costly when you have your first glance at it, you should understand that it is definitely worth your money. With its one-time purchase, you can ensure that you are ready to use all the functionalities it comes with for the rest of your life.

So, it’s never a bad idea to invest in something that is going to give you so many services in one space.

Understanding what a Trezór Wàllet is

If you have been wondering what is Trezor hardware wallet and you wish to know the answer to the same, then you should note that it is a hardware device that works as a storage space for your cryptos. In case, you do not trust the security of online hot wallets as they are easily hackable, then a cold wallet like Trezor could be the best option for you. However, when we compare cold wallets to hot wallets, the hot wallets are more convenient but less safe. On the other hand, in the case of cold wallets, it is completely the opposite.

With its transparent security, excellent customer support, and a pretty convenient user interface, the Trezór Wàllet is giving us all the good reasons to use it. The best thing about this wallet is, that even if you lose it, you will be able to recover it using the secret recovery phrase provided to you during the wallet setup. Moving on, we’ll be answering one more question of the users i.e. how to use Trezor bitcoin wallet.

How does the Trezór Wàllet work?

In order to use the Trezór Wàllet, you should know how it works and also understand what is the procedure to set it up. Well, to use the Trezor wallet, you need to first get the Trezor device (Trezor One or Trezor Model T) from an authorized retailer. Once you have got the wallet, you need to make sure that you are ready to set it up. As soon as you set up the wallet, you can go ahead with signing up on it, and start storing as many cryptos as you want.

Learning how to setup Trezór Wàllet

If this is your first time with this wallet and you are not sure which method to apply if you wish to set it up, then the instructions given below would help you do that:

  1. In order to set up a Trezór Wàllet, un-box the packaging of your Trezor device
  2. Now, take the USB cable and then connect the Trezor device to your computer with this cable
  3. Followed by this, you will a see a lock icon on your screen along with the instruction to go to
  4. To connect your wallet to your computer, install the Trezor extension/bridge
  5. When asked to install the firmware, click “Yes, Install” to proceed
  6. Followed by this, you need to cross-check the fingerprints on the two devices and click “Continue”
  7. Remove the plug and then plug it again > and then go to
  8. Name your device > Click “Continue” > set up the access PIN > click “Enter”
  9. Thereafter, you will see the secret recovery phrase on your screen which you need to note down
  10. Now, verify the recovery phrase and then click “Finish” to end the setup

And, with this, we complete the Trezór Wàllet sign up process. Now, let us proceed and learn how to access the Trezór Wàllet by signing in to it.

The Trezór Wàllet login process explained

If you wish to access your Trezór Wàllet without undergoing a complicated process, then you need to make sure that you follow the given steps as explained below:

  1. First up, you need to plug in your Trezor device and connect it to your computer
  2. After this, you can simply enter the PIN that you have created during sign up
  3. Then, open the Trezór Wàllet extension on your device
  4. And, that’s how easily you can access your Trezór Wàllet


To end our discussion, we can say that the Trezór Wàllet is definitely one of the best wallet services that you can ever use. Just make sure that you do not share your access PIN or the secret recovery phrase with anyone. Otherwise, this may land you in trouble. If you are serious about safeguarding your crypto tokens, there is no more efficient and safe wallet than this one. However, you should always practice security measures to keep your funds safe.